Business Transformations

Take advantage of technology to improve how you run your operations at your workplace. Change how your business operates by optimising internal resources and in turn deliver value to your customers. Business Corporates nowadays are looking for solutions of how to improve collaboration, communication, easy access to resources and simple ways to reach clients.

Inogital Business transformation offerings include:

  • Training & Change Management :- We provide training to your team to ensure that they are comfortable to use new technology tools. Team members are trained on new features and online safety so as to protect themselves as well as your organisation. Business organisations are also assisted with transitioning from legacy to embrace new technology.
  • Systems Integrations:- Depending on the current systems your business use, we can help you integrated what you currently have with new technologies needed. Company growth and changes creates a need for hardware and software updates, training of employees as well as support for the new tools and equipment.
  • Custom Development:- It is inevitable that most organisations need some sort of customisation to their systems to suit their needs. We can assist with such things as automation of repetitive tasks, web app design, cloud migration and much more!.
    • Some of the Tools and Services that a business needs:-
    • Google Workspace (for communication, collaboration, sharing of files and more)
    • Google My Business Listing
    • SEO (on websites), Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing
    • A Website, Web apps and/or Mobile apps

Project Management

Our team is well trained to do project management for your business as you focus on the main business strategy. Running a project in the Information and technology might be tricky if you are not familiar with the lingo used by Tech people. We are hear to help you understand in simple terms and advise you on the right choices to make.

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Need Tech Support?

Through our one on one interactions with our clients, we are able to carefully address their IT needs. We always thrive to go the extra mile to make our clients happy.