inOgitalise: Digitalisation

Driving digital transformation through unique innovative means (we #inogitalise)


We are a Dynamic Team of Digital Transformation

Every organisation or business entity has its own unique needs. What are yours?

Our aim at Inogital is to afford any willing individual the opportunity to work, play and communicate with ease based on their unique needs. We make customized web and mobile applications, offer cloud solutions and professional tech-skills training .

Our Services

Our services range from pre-sales support to after-sales support services. Let us help you take the right path in adapting your organisation to technology.

Software Development

We specialise in edu-tech software as well as small entreprise software which is custom designed to suit your needs.

Web and Mobile Applications

Contact us to make you that next website or web application that you need for yourself, your business or school.


Refurbished low cost devices which run on Chromium OS. Upgrade your old device to be a chromebox or chromebook.

Google WorkSpace

An intergrated and secure platform that organisations can use to communicate, collaborate, share and store files on the cloud.

Pro Tech-Training

Get tailored coaching and training in digital skills necessary for change management using technology.

Cloud Migration

Modernise your infrastructure to the cloud and get the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

Get In Touch

Need Tech Support?

Through our one on one interactions with our clients, we are able to carefully address their IT needs. We always thrive to go the extra mile to make our clients happy.